Feb 07 2016

2016 is Here! (updated)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Today is Super Bowl Sunday & you know what that means…Coot’s annual winter meeting is THIS Thursday! Join Coot and all the guys on Thursday, February 11 at 7:00pm at Quail Creek to learn all about the 30th season of Coot golf. This meeting will outline all you need to know …

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Sep 10 2015

Champs Again: G & G Snow Plow Wins It All – Week 20 Recap

For the first time in 20 years…G & G SNOW PLOW has won the Coot Brown Golf League Championship! CONGRATULATIONS G & G SNOW PLOW! They are just the 4th team in Coot’s history to win the championship 3 or more times.  Their first victory came in 1988 and the second just 7 years later in …

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Sep 10 2015

Event Alert: An Evening of Live Music

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Aug 30 2015

G & G Snow Plow Takes the Second Half – Week 19 Recap

It was an exciting night for golf!  Great weather – great results – a great second-half finish! G & G SNOW PLOW was able to hold off SOUTHSIDE MACHINE on the position round night to wind the second half and the right to play HEYL FARMS for the “green jacket” of 2015! CONGRATULATIONS G & …

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Aug 24 2015

Ace in the Hole! – Week 18 Recap

Wait, is today Friday?  Wait, is today Friday the 13th?  Nope, but it was just as weird! Coot’s guys played on Friday night for the first time in a very, very long time to make up for all of the rain earlier in the season.  The rare double-dip on the week made for some interesting …

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Aug 16 2015

Lake Trip Hangover – Week 16 Recap

It was a beautiful night of golf…weather-wise!  But, according to the scores, it looked like there was a lake trip hangover! There were two sub-40 scratch scores: BRUCE THOMAS (39) and NICK KAUSCH (38).  There were only two sub-40 net scores: MARTY YANICS (29/46) and MARK BALVEN (29/43). In the standings, it appears to be …

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Aug 16 2015

2015 PGA Championship Challenge – Updated with Winners!

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS OF THIS YEAR’S PGA CHAMPIONSHIP CHALLENGE! First Place: Dave Hegger (Jason Day) – $400 Second Place: Kevin Gardner (Jordan Spieth) – $100 Third Place: Kevin Tyler (Branden Grace) – $50  

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Aug 14 2015

KG Update

KG is doing well & out of the hospital! After lots of testing, poking and prodding by doctors, KG is on his way out of the hospital.  While final, definitive answers are not yet determined, a plan of action is. KG will spend the next 30 days wearing a heart monitor to determine the exact …

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Aug 10 2015

Short & Sweet, Thanks To The Lake – Week 15 Recap

It was all Lake Tourney all week!  Coot’s guys were excited about the upcoming Lake Tourney so there were subs-a-plenty all over the course. But, scores were good! Two guys shot a scratch-36 (DAVE SCHWEITZER & NICK KAUSCH), another guy was just 1-over-par (JIM JOST III) and two others were 2-over-par (BRUCE THOMAS & JOE …

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Aug 02 2015

An Extended Lead & Another To Hit #150 – Week 14 Recap

It was a GORGEOUS night on the front 9 for Week 14 as spirits are already starting to fly high in anticipation of the upcoming Lake Tourney.  But, the real focus is the second half that only has a few weeks left in it and all the ground some of Coot’s teams need to make …

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