Feb 09 2015

RECAP: Coot’s Winter Meeting!

Mark your calendars for the kickoff of the 2015 Coot Brown Match Play Challenge: SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2015! Nice try Paul Hillyard – HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY!

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Nov 02 2014

Coot’s Thoughts & Prayers

Please join us in mourning the loss of Marie Westrich, mother of longtime member John Westrich. Marie passed away on Thursday, October 30th and will be laid to rest on Saturday, November 8th. Service information is as follows: Visitation Saturday, November 8, 2014 1:30pm-3:30pm Hoffmeister South County Chapel 1515 Lemay Ferry Rd Lemay, Missouri 63125 …

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Sep 26 2014

Coot’s Thoughts & Prayers

  Coot’s thoughts & prayers are with the entire Hegger family as they mourn the loss of Joseph Hegger III on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. Brother of longtime member, Dave Hegger, Mr. Hegger was laid to rest on Friday, September 26th.  In lieu of flowers, donations to the American Cancer Society or the Alzheimer’s Association …

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Sep 04 2014

Heyl Farms Takes It All – Week 20 & 2014 Recap (Updated)

And another season, #28 to be exact, comes to an end. With storms threatening but holding off, Coot’s guys were able to celebrate the end of yet another terrific season. Everyone had a great time and several teams were able to take home some cash.  But, only 1 team was able to put their name …

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Sep 02 2014

C.E.S. Takes the Second Half – Week 19 Recap (Updated)

Another hot night with temperatures in the low 90s.  There was a little cloud cover and some rumblings in the sky but Coot’s guys put Week 19 in the books. And so did C.E.S. – along with the second half title. They did it despite earning just 4 points on the night.  But that’s all …

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Aug 25 2014

Hot! Damn Hot! – Week 18 Recap

Well, the heat finally showed up this season…and it came STORMING in! 98: degrees & humidity – miserable conditions for a night of golf! And now, we’re all set for the Week 19 Position Round.  Only three teams changed positions in the standings on the night as SOUTHSIDE MACHINE, AALCO MFG. and THE TUREK BROTHERS all …

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Aug 18 2014

“You Haven’t Been on the Bar in a While” – Week 17 Recap

Well, better late than never, right? And what a difference a week can make…after a total washout of the originally-scheduled Week 17 on 8/7/14, Coot’s guys were greeted with a near-perfect night of 85-degree temps and very little humidity. Heck…it was such a great night, our guy TOM HEYL decided to get up on the …

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Aug 09 2014

PGA Championship Challenge

  CONGRATULATIONS TO: Jeff Pohrer – $250 winner! Mike O’Kane – $50 runner-up winner!

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Aug 07 2014


GOLF IS CANCELLED TONIGHT DUE TO RAIN   There is no golf on 8/7/14 due to the rainy conditions.  The updated schedule is available on the schedule page.  Here’s a summary: 8/7/14 – no golf 8/14/14 – Week 17 8/21 – Week 18 8/28 – POSITION ROUND 9/4 – PLAYOFF/SHOOTOUT/LAST NIGHT OF GOLF Please visit the …

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Aug 03 2014

#2 for #200 – Week 16 Recap

Being the long-time, best golfer in this league, doesn’t always mean you get the win. Just ask BRUCE THOMAS. Some of his best performances have resulted in losses, thanks to the handicap system in place.  But that hasn’t stopped Bruce from being just the second player in Coot’s history to join the 200-win club! CONGRATULATIONS …

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