Jul 17 2016

#100 for Tommy Short Pants – Week 13 Recap

Boy was it hot – 95-degrees & a little breezy.  But, that wasn’t the most oppressive part of what turned out to be an unlucky week 13 for most of Coot’s guys. The blue tees on the back-9 just ate us up! Only 2 guys turned in sub-40 rounds: JOHN COOPER (38) &  DAVE HARTE …

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Jul 15 2016

The Open Championship Challenge (UPDATED WITH WINNERS)


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! First Place – Harry Claywell (Stenson) Second Place – Elliott Kite (Mickelson) Third Place (tied) – Marty Yanics (Sergio) & Greg Gawrys (Mcilroy) Alphabetical by Golfer Alphabetical by Cooter

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Jul 12 2016

Leap Frog to First Place – Week 12 Recap

Another week of wet conditions with rain falling all day and into the start of Week 12 play.  That led to a lot of movement in the standings in the here in the early stages of the second half. HEYL FARMS (10 points) leap frogged to first place from fifth place.  But, they shouldn’t get …

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Jul 06 2016

Coot Sightings

Coot was seen all around town in a familiar vacation destination for St. Louisans on the Florida panhandle!  Remember, you can send your Coot sightings (fun pictures of Cooters all around town) to webmaster@cootbrowngolf.net! [Show as slideshow]  

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Jul 01 2016

Almost on #3 – Week 11 Recap

Stormy weather passed through the area throughout the day on Thursday, June 30th.  But, when it was time to tee off on Week 11, Coot’s guys were left with PERFECT conditions to kick off the second half of the 30th season. It was 80-degrees with low humidity and a slight breeze…nice conditions for some nice …

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Jun 26 2016

Join us for a 30th Season Shrimp Boil

Join us on Thursday, July 21st to celebrate 30 seasons of the Coot Brown Golf League with a Shrimp Boil. With food provided by Joe the Butcher from Kenrick’s Meat & Catering, the night is sure to be a special celebration of the longest running amateur golf league in the St. Louis area! All Cooters …

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Jun 26 2016

Joey B’s Wins On A Tiebreaker – Week 10 Recap

The first-half championship came down to a tiebreaker thanks to the top 4 teams splitting the points among each other on a hot night on the Back-9.  As mentioned in the Week 9 Recap, JOEY B’S went into the night knowing they had the tiebreaker in hand.  So, with 60 points and the tiebreaker, JOEY …

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Jun 20 2016

It’s Getting Hot in Here – Week 9 Recap

The temperatures are rising and Coot’s guys are just as hot on the front 9! There were 9 different guys who carded scores of under 40 on the night. Low nets were turned in by: GARY GARDNER (25/38), RON SUDA (29/38) & MARTY YANICS (26/45).  In fact, GARY GARDNER was flirting with the league record …

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Jun 16 2016

2016 U.S. Open Championship Challenge

Here’s the lineup for the 2016 U.S. Open Championship Challenge (first alphabetically by golfer then alphabetically by Cooter). Good luck to everyone involved!

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Jun 13 2016

Hot, Very Hot – Week 8 Recap

Well, summer has arrived.  It was hot…very hot…for Week 8.  At least Coot’s guys got to head back to the front though…and with just 2 weeks left in the first half, that helped make things quite interesting! Ole Abner did it again.  JOEY B’S maintained their hold on the top spot in the standings with …

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