Jun 09 2013

New Weather, New Race – Week 8 Recap

Mantle & Maris - back together after a 2 year hiatus!

Mantle & Maris – back together after a 2 year hiatus!

Week 8 was not short on drama at all; but it was short on rain.  For the first time this season, rain was not a factor at all for Coot’s guys.

Unfortunately, earning points was also not a factor at all for all of Coot’s teams.

Going into Week 8 play, C.E.S. (Team 4) was in second place; after earning the big goose egg on the night, they are now in fourth place.  Going into Week 8 play, AALCO MFG. (Team 8) was in first place with 49.5 points; while they are still in first place, they only now have 50.5 points after their 1-point-performance on the night.

And so we have a new race with one more week of play before the Week 10 Position Round.  AALCO MFG. had a 7.5 point lead over the team in second place on June 6th; they now have just a 1.5 point lead over the new second place team: Haegele Nursery (Team 10).  This was all led by G & G Snow Plow (Team 9) who backed up the week of trash-talking to silence the top team and let the rest of the league back in the race.

THE BAD – Rising Waters.
THE UGLY – Back 9…3 weeks in a row…

The Milestone Watch remained silent on the night while Bruce Thomas & Mike Wamser earned the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.  There are five guys who have a 4-1-0 or 4-1-1 (.800) record to be tied for the Best Record honor.  John Davis, Mike Wamser & Tim Carberry are all leading the Sandbagger Award race with their -2 handicap improvement.  Meanwhile, the brothers Williams (Ed Williams & Gary Williams) are doing their best to earn the “Sey Tuff Guy” award with their 0-4-0 & 0-4-1 (.000) records, respectively.

The feature match-up of Week 9 will give C.E.S. their chance to dethrone AALCO MFG.!


12 down...12 to go...

12 down…12 to go…


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