Aug 30 2015

G & G Snow Plow Takes the Second Half – Week 19 Recap

A Coot Sighting on the Farm!

A Coot Sighting on the Farm!

It was an exciting night for golf!  Great weather – great results – a great second-half finish!

G & G SNOW PLOW was able to hold off SOUTHSIDE MACHINE on the position round night to wind the second half and the right to play HEYL FARMS for the “green jacket” of 2015!


Despite the bad greens, the scores were low on the night.  Leading the way was NICK KAUSCH with his 1-under-par-35; yet, he still lost his match.

Turning in an even-par-36, BRUCE THOMAS, enjoyed the 19th week of the season!

Low-net-scores were carded by RYAN VAN DILLON (37/25) and CRAIG MORRIS (42/29).

RAY GILLICK was the only guy on the Milestone Watch to make any progress on the last scoring night of the season; he got win #149.  The 2016 season will start with 9 guys on The Watch: 2 guys needing just 1 win, 2 guys needing 2 wins, 2 guys needing 3 wins and 3 guys needing 4 wins to earn their milestone victory.

Here’s The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

  • THE GOOD: Last night of golf – “Back 9”
  • THE BAD: The Greens!
  • THE UGLY: Still, the Greens!

The closest-to-the-pin honors went to MATT GAGNEPAIN & JOE SONDERMAN (his 2nd of the season).

Here are the final results of the annual Coot Awards:

Congratulations to those award winners!

Don’t forget…week 20 is your last chance for a hole-in-one to split the pot with ROB GAYLORD!


COOT SAYS: “All play, stroke play, $10 per man – 4 flights!”



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