May 21 2016

The Race Is On – Week 5 Recap

quarter-pole-horseWhat a great night!  Great weather for the front 9 and some exciting golf as Coot’s 30th season rounds the quarter pole.

The race is on in the standings as K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. managed only 5 points on the night and is maintaining a slim, 2-point lead over THE TUREK BROTHERS.

Everyone else is pretty bunched up with only 8.5 points between third place and eleventh place.

Several guys turned in good scores on the evening.  DAVE SCHWEITZER carded an even-par (36) round; MARK BALVEN netted a 29 on his 42 round.  JIM PLEIMANN & BOB BREITHBARTH nabbed the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

We had a quite unusual match between JIM JOST & JOE TUREK.  JIM had a 41 on the night to have a 1-stroke edge over JOE.  However, their net scores (JIM-29, JOE-28) yielded a 1-point victory for JOE over JIM!  That’s simply something that doesn’t happen often.

On the Milestone Watch: JIM PLEIMANN earned career-victory #96 and DAVE HEGGER #149.  The historical player records page has been updated to reflect the first quarter of this season.  The league rankings page has also been updated and will be every 5 weeks.

The feature match of the week for next week?  All good…we’ll see what happens!


“Please help the course improve!  Keep all carts away from the greens and observe the 90-degree rule when wet conditions exist.”




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