Jun 18 2017

Deja Vu All Over Again – Week 4* Recap

Coot’s guys finally got to play Week 4.  After a flood-caused delay from the originally-scheduled May 4th, the new version of Week 4 took place on a humid, 92-degree afternoon in June instead.  But, that set up for some nice shooting and an eventful standings showdown.  The feature match of the rescheduled week was K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. (in first place going into the night) against C.E.S. (second place), with the Position Round looming next week.

After Team KG nabbed 6 points on the night, the Position Round will be as Yogi Berra best put it: “It’s like deja vu all over again!”

Week 10 Position Round will feature K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. vs. C.E.S. for the second week in a row.  All K.G. needs is 1 victory in a match to take down the first half championship.

Here’s the full set of Position Round match ups:

  • 8 vs. 2
  • 3 vs. 1
  • 6 vs. 7
  • 5 vs. 4
  • 10 vs. 9
  • 12 vs. 11

What wasn’t deja vu was the scoring that was much better than last week.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Low scratch score: ADAM LAURY (36)
  • Low net scores: TIM JOST (41/25 – just 1 off the league record of 24), GREG GILLICK (41/27), and GARY PADBERG (50/27)
  • MIKE WAMSER got added to the Milestone Watch with career victory #95
  • ROB GAYLORD & CHRIS POHRER each got a closest-to-the-pin award on the night

And now…for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

  • THE GOOD: The 10 sub-40 rounds!
  • THE BAD: GARY PADBERG had a net-27…and lost!

Don’t forget that the Week 10 Position Round will be played on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 and the second half will kick off on the very next night, THURSDAY, JUNE 22.  Also, of special note: a hole-in-one is worth $820 in 2017!


“KG is looking for their first championship since 2006!”




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