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Who is Coot Brown?

All right, the $64,000 question – WHO IS COOT BROWN?  He’s got to be more than that loveable, pudgy character that so many league members proudly display on their car windows…or is he?!

Legend has it…
The funny thing about Coot Brown is that no one really knows who Coot Brown is! Legend has it (league legend that is) that one of the original old guys who played in the woods at the Lake went by the nickname of “Cooter Brown” and it eventually became Coot Brown.

So, where did that guy’s nickname of “Cooter Brown” come from? Well, he must have been a fan of the adult beverage given that folklore says (according to Internet research) that Cooter Brown was a guy who had family on both sides during the Civil War and he didn’t want to fight for either side. So he got drunk, stayed drunk throughout the war years, and was not drafted. Now, a person’s intoxication is measured to his…”Drunk as Cooter Brown!”

Probably a fitting name…
If you look up the word “coot“, among many definitions involving birds, you’ll find one that is most appropriate: “an eccentric, crotchety, or foolish person, especially one who is old…maybe it does work for our league!

A little known fact…
The Coot Brown logo was drawn by St. Louis Blues “Towel Man”, Ron Baechle!

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