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Each year, the Coot Brown Golf League hands out a couple of highly-sought-after awards!  Click on an award below to see the description and past recipients.

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“Sey Tuff Guy” Award

Given annually to the player with the worst record at the end of the season, the “Bob Winterrose ‘Sey Tuff Guy’ Award” is one of the Coot Brown Golf League’s most coveted season-ending awards. The award honors the memory of long-time league member, Bob Winterrose. YEAR GOLFER RECORD 2000 Dave Hegger 4-10-1 2001 Al Keller …

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Best Record Award

This award is presented annually to the individual player with the best record from that season. YEAR GOLFER RECORD WIN. % 2011 Matt Gagnepain 10-2-1 .833 2012 Bob Gardiner 7-1-0 .875 2013 Ron Schmitt 9-1-2 .900 2014 Russ Klevorn 9-2-0 .818 2015 Matt Gagnepain 8-1-1 .889 2016 Mike Wamser 9-2-3 .818 2017 Dennis Bowers 14-3-0 …

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Iron Man

Jeff “Buff” Pohrer Presented February 5, 1998 Updated January 2011 In 24 years of Coot Brown Golf League play, Jeff has compiled the following: 408 rounds of league play, which comes out to be 3,672 holes. Take into fact his current stroke average of 43, Jeff has approximately 17,136 strokes, along with 2 practice swings, he …

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Sandbagger Award

This award is presented annually to the individual player with the most improved from that season. YEAR GOLFER IMPROVEMENT 2011 Jim Pleimann -3 2012 Tom Heyl -3 2013 Bob Twitchell -3 2014 Gary Padberg -3 2015 Tyler Sollberger -3 2016 Dave Cooper -4 2017 Chad Larkowski -5  

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