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Iron Man

Jeff “Buff” Pohrer
Presented February 5, 1998
Updated January 2011

In 24 years of Coot Brown Golf League play, Jeff has compiled the following:

  • 408 rounds of league play, which comes out to be 3,672 holes. Take into fact his current stroke average of 43, Jeff has approximately 17,136 strokes, along with 2 practice swings, he has compiled a total of 27,416 swings.
  • Based on the facts above, Jeff has spent on Thursday night approximately 1,224 hours on the course, or 50 days.
  • Financially translated, 408 rounds of golf (9 holes) at $15/round comes to $6,120. Also take into fact that he spends another $30 per Thursday consisting of driving range, cart, beer, cigars, closet to, and skin money. Male bonding has cost him to date, $16,320.
  • So getting back to his average, being based at 43, it has cost Jeff $1 for every time he swings the club.
  • On a work-related issue, based on the above information and based on his average arrival time, Jeff has missed 816 hours of AALCO Manufacturing time. Therefore, he owes AALCO in excess of $10,908.

So, whether it is perseverance or just the love of the game, Jeff “Buff” Pohrer gets a well-deserved Coot Brown toast.

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