Jun 17 2011

Metro Electric, On Top Again – Week 10 Review

Only one team has won the Coot Brown Championship four times.  Only one team has won both the first and second half championship (and therefore the league championship) in one season twice.  Only one team will now be able to say they won the first half of Coot’s Silver Season.

After nabbing five points from second-place Southside Machine-Team #5, Metro Electric-Team #3 earned top honors for the first half.  Meaning, unless they win both the first and second half for the 3rd time in league history, someone will have to challenge Metro Electric for the title after the second half concludes.


K.G. Electric, Inc.-Team #2 had a couple of guys do some damage on the night.  Bruce Thomas turned in the low-scratch-score with his even-par-36 (and even got the win!).  Meanwhile, Kevin Gardner turned in the low-net-score with his 28 (and even got the win!).

The skins pot was inflated as always with the $10 buy-in for Week 10.  That meant big dollars for Bob Gardiner, Jim Roesch, and Kevin Oliver (who eagled #9).  While Metro Electric was wrapping up the first half title, Bean & Heyl-Team #1 made the biggest jump in the standings moving from #11 to #8.

There were some great accomplishments on the night, aside from a first half championship.  For the first time in a while, this week’s golf featured neither rain nor cicadas!  “Jimmy the Concrete” was a funny story again on the night.  Al Keller & Chris Pohrer earned closest-to-the-pin honors.  Jim Jost III, Matt Jost, and David Schuster all held on to their “Best Record” weekly honors.

We are now up to 13 guys who have the league’s “Most Improved” handicap of -2.  They are: Elliot Kite, Norm Friedmeyer, Matt Gagnepain, Jim Jost III, Matt Jost, Jim Roesch, Jeff Laury, Jim Pleimann, Ray Gillick, Rob Gaylord, Jeff Pohrer, Juggie Hinduja, and Rob Twitchell.

Even more impressive was, perhaps for the first time since it was created, ALL members currently on the “Milestone Watch” won on the night.  Therefore, Chris Pohrer, Ron Schmitt, Kevin Oliver, and John Cooper are all one win closer to their respective milestones.  The Player Records page has also been updated-check it out here.


Team #3 Team #5 Team #12
Metro Electric looking for their 5th Green Jacket! Southside Machine felt the effects of the Jost Family Vacation. Miniex Warehouse…still on the bottom…


The feature matchup of Week 11 is…well, EVERYONE!  Thanks to the start of a new half, every matchup is a big one!  So get ready for Week 11 by checking your handicap.  Don’t forget to see where you rank in the latest league rankings so you’re prepared to brag on #19 (or, I guess, hide).

P.S. – did you know K.G. Electric, Inc. is now ONLINE?  Check it out at www.kgelectricinc.com!

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