Aug 23 2011

Championship Week Update


It’s time for the annual Coot Brown Golf League championship tilt!  In one corner, we have First Half Champs, METRO ELECTRIC.  In the other corner, we have Second Half Champs, THE “Z” BAND.

After 19 weeks of golf, we’re down to just these 2 teams for the ultimate in Coot Brown glory.  We have to have a winner as a result of the play during Week 20.  Therefore, here’s how each team stacks up to the traditional Championship Week tiebreakers:

  1. Tiebreaker #1: HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPETITION.  The first time these 2 teams met, Metro Electric took 9 of 10 points.  The second time they met, The “Z” Band took 9 of 10 points.  Therefore, we are still tied after the first tiebreaker.
  2. Tiebreaker #2: MOST OVERALL POINTS.  Metro Electric earned 101 points on the 25th season.  The “Z” Band only earned 95.5.  Edge: METRO ELECTRIC.

So, in the case of a tie, Metro Electric holds the edge and will be crowned champions for the 5th time in league history.

Good luck to both teams!


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