May 18 2012

A Battle Royale – Week 6 Recap – Updated 5/24/12

Another week, another perfect night of weather for Coot’s sixth week.  Sunny skies and 80-degree temps were on the docket for a night that featured more heat in Coot’s golfers’ temperatures than in the actual temperature.

It all started out as a typical Coot Thursday.  The round took place on the back 9 which always has the guys a little more on edge.  That was most obvious by the less-than-stellar scores turned in on the night.  15 guys turned in scores of 50 or more.  That didn’t keep Bruce Thomas (35), Al Keller (37), and Nick Kausch (37) from their great rounds on the night.

Low-net-scores were turned in by Joe Cuz (28), Ray Gilick (29), and Tim Jost (29).  Bruce Thomas also was the first guy in many years to grab both closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

These two extremes in scoring led to virtually NO change in the standings, again.  Metro Electric continues to hold the league by the throat, holding on to the top spot for yet another week.  The only big change in the standings after Week 6 was AALCO MFG.’s move from the 7th spot to the 4th spot, sneaking to just 7.5 points out of first place.

Despite the stranglehold by Metro Electric, 8 teams are still within legitimate striking distance of the top spot.  But there are only three more weeks left to try to knock the guys off their tower.


But, none of that is what had the 19th hole abuzz after the Week 6 festivities wrapped up.  Instead…

THE GOOD – Bruce Thomas’s closest-to-the-pin performance
THE BAD – Slow play on the back 9, resulting in…[see “The Ugly”]
THE UGLY – An MMA-style spotlight was focused on the 18th hole as some of Coot’s guys came to fisticuffs right on the green & surrounding areas…

On the milestone watch, Dennis Bowers earned career-victory #99…just 1 to go!

The feature match-up of Week 7 will be a battle of the cellar-dwellers as Quail Creek squares off against G & G Snow Plow.  The teams are in tenth & eleventh places, respectively, and are hoping to start clawing their way back into the race.

But, Week 7 is back on the back-9…LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!


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********************UPDATED 5/24/12********************

Here’s Joe Sonderman‘s version of “The Fight”:

“These young guys, a fivesome, probably late 20’s, really did need to get their asses kicked. Hitting balls into and over us at 18 and laughing at us. Dave Cooper caught one on one hop and threw it into the lake. They must have hit at least 10 balls attempting to hit into us.

We were all enraged, but Dennis Bowers was out of his mind. No young punk was ready for him. His eyeballs were popping out of his head he was so mad. And rightly so.”

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