May 04 2012

Hot Temps, Hot Scores – Week 4 Recap

Week 4 was a breezy, 90-degree night.  This round of golf took place on the front 9 & it was a piece ‘o cake!  Russ Klevorn led the lights-out golfing with his 2-under-par-34.

Russ was joined by 3 other guys for the low-net-score of the night, each with a 28.  Those guys were: Chris Caruso, Dave Hegger, & Tim Sargent.

The standings stayed pretty much the same with Metro Electric holding on to their top spot for yet another week.  The biggest jump of the week, though, was by Paul the Painter (Team #12).  Those guys earned all 10 points to move from 10th place to 6th place.


THE GOOD – Birdies were flying! A dozen birdies were recorded on the night.
THE BAD – Jim Jost III had a 5-putt performance on #2.
THE UGLY – GQ’s John Davis had a 10 on #7…then headed straight for the door…

 Ed Williams and Chris Tockstein nabbed closest-to-the-pin honors & Tim Sargent earned career-victory #97.

The feature match-up of the week will be a battle of first vs. second: Metro Electric (#1) vs. Southside Machine (#2) – ‘NUFF SAID.



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