Aug 05 2012

Oh What A Night – Week 16 Recap

98 degrees
98% humidity
98 clouds in the sky
98 rain drops a-fallin’

And oh what a night it was!

The top two teams and the bottom two teams stayed the same in the standings.  And, after Week 16, the teams in 3rd place through 10th place are all within just 4.5 points of the top spot – making this one of the closest races in Coot history!

Mead Electric (Team 4) is starting to bridge the gap with 6.5 points over C.E.S. (Team 10). “STOP RIGHT THERE!”

Week 16 featured more great shooting on the front-nine.  Leading the way was Bruce Thomas with his 2-under-par-34.  Low-net-scores were turned in by Jim Pleimann with his 45 (net 28) and John Davis with his 39 (net 29).  Now there’s three guys who are ready for the Lake! 

THE GOOD – Course (knock on wood) is still holding up despite the D-R-Y conditions!

THE BAD – Just 4 weeks left…
THE UGLY – White stakes are considered OUT OF BOUNDS!

Closest-to-the-pin honors went to Dave Hegger & Adam Laury this week.

The only action on the Milestone Watch was the addition of Marty Yanics.  He got win #95 on Week 16 & is now just 5 away from the 100-Win Club.  Meanwhile, Dennis Bowers joined the infamous 100-LOSS club on Week 16!

The feature match-up of the week for Week 17 will feature Mead Electric & C.E.S. in a battle royale for first place!


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