Sep 01 2012

We Have A Winner, By A Half-Point – Week 20 Recap

2012 Coot Champions – Mead Electric

Quail Creek entered Week 20 needing only a tie to win the 26th Coot Brown Golf League Championship.  Thanks to their win over Mead Electric in Week 8, Quail Creek held the tie-breaker (head-to-head).

The guys of Mead Electric knew what they had to do: get at least a half-point more than Quail Creek; and that’s exactly what they did!

The first group came in at a dead-heat with each group earning 2.5 points.  That led to some excitement as many of Coot’s guys gathered on the clubhouse deck to watch the final group come in as the second group was neck-and-neck through 8 holes.  After Ron Suda‘s 2 penalties on the 9th hole, Mead Electric was able to earn 5.5 points on the night and capture the league title!


Technically, it is this group’s second team victory; however, they were Dorvin Electric when they last won in 2005.  Taking that into account, that means that 15 different teams have now won the 26 titles in Coot history!  there are now 96 different players who have won a Coot Brown championship.  Check out all the interesting historical stats on the “By the Numbers” page, updated on 9/1/12.

Coot wishes all his guys a great off-season.  Stayed tuned to the website and Facebook page for updates on Coot Socials and the Winter Meeting (Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 7:00pm @ Quail Creek).

Here are some pictures from Week 20 (if you have any, please send them to

The final week of Coot's 26th season!

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