May 13 2013

Week 3 – NO! Week 4, What? – Week 4 Recap

2013-week-4After rain-induced confusion fit only for the best of Abbott & Costello routines, Week 4 took place on May 9th.

Now, LET’S BE CLEAR: Week 5 will be played on May 16th & Week 3 will be played on May 17th…now let’s just hope for no more rain!

Despite a mid-morning downpour in South County, the rain stayed away for Coot’s guys on the night! There were some clouds in the skies and the course conditions were wet, but golf was played & that’s all that matters!

The rain has been a terrible thing for the many Cooters who are still trying to find their rhythm on the young, 27th season. A couple guys who seem to be in mid-season form, however, are Bruce Thomas (no shock there!) & Jeff Pohrer. Bruce shot an even-par-36 while Jeff shot a 39 & earned low-net-score honors (31).

Meanwhile, in the standings, the top two on the leader board stayed the same (AALCO MFG. & Metro Electric).  The biggest jump on the night was Quail Creek after they posted 8 points to jump from eighth to fifth & get within 6 points of first place!

But, make no mistake about it, there are 9 teams who are within 10 points of first place.  With this week’s doubleheader on deck, the standings could look drastically different this time next week.

THE GOOD – Thursday, May 16 – 2,4,5,6
THE BAD – Friday, May 17 – 1,3,4,5

The lone guy on the Milestone Watch, Marty Yanics, didn’t play so there was no movement there.  Closest-to-the-pin honors were earned by Dave Cooper & Chris Pohrer.

MATCH UP OF THE WEEK: C.E.S. vs. Heyl Farms – a sweep could cause a possible leap-frog situation!

COOT SAYS: “Welcome back John Perlongo after your speedy recovery!”

Match Play Challenge, A-Flight, has been updated after 3 different results were turned in!

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