Apr 13 2014

The Tradition Continues…28 & Counting! – Week 1 Recap

28-week-175-degree weather?  Check

Breezy wind conditions?  Check

Dry & sunny skies?  Check

Coot’s 28th Season?  HERE WE GO!

Everyday at the golf course is a great day.  But, when it’s a day that kicks off another season of the Coot Brown Golf League, it’s extra special!  Coot’s guys were thrilled to have the 2014 season, the 28th in the history of the league, take place once again at the Quail Creek Golf Course.  But, there was still a little rust on the clubs and, for some, it got just a little ugly!

The low-scratch-score on the night was carded by NICK KAUSCH with his 39; while CHRIS TOCKSTEIN (31) had the low-net-score on the night.  Other than those scores, most handicaps were on the rise!  In fact, here are some interesting stats on the rising handicaps from the first night:

  • 26 golfers saw their handicap increase on Week 1.
  • Those golfers saw their handicaps rise by a total of 44 strokes.
  • The largest increase was 4 strokes (by JEFF POHRER)
  • 5 guys had their handicap raise by 3 strokes
  • 6 guys had their handicap raise by 2 strokes

So, all in all, it was a pretty rough night.  But, there was some activity on the Milestone Watch (see column to the right of the home page).  RON SUDA (#95) and PAUL HILLYARD (#145) both joined JIM JOST JR. (99) and GEORGE ERMOLD (98) on the watch list.  Unfortunately, JIM JOST JR. earned career-loss #100 on Week 1, joining that list before joining the 100-win club!

JIM ROESCH & RICK BRENNAN were the guys that nabbed the closest-to-the-pin honors!

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”100%”]THE GOOD – Getting back in the “Coot Routine”
THE BAD – GREG GAWRYS – only skin of the night – “OPEN BAR!”…but not there to enjoy!
THE UGLY – JEFF POHRER, the “Iron Man” – shootin’ 55! [/pullquote]

Now that we’re back into another season, here are just a few reminders about navigating the website:



[important]COOT SAYS: JUST 19 MORE WEEKS TO THE END![/important]

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