Aug 03 2014

#2 for #200 – Week 16 Recap

Bruce ThomasBeing the long-time, best golfer in this league, doesn’t always mean you get the win.


Some of his best performances have resulted in losses, thanks to the handicap system in place.  But that hasn’t stopped Bruce from being just the second player in Coot’s history to join the 200-win club!


Bruce joins Iron Man JEFF POHRER on the elite list after earning #200 on Week 16.  Jeff joined the club on July 16, 2009; through 2009, Jeff had 201 wins and Bruce had 163.  Since 2009, Bruce has earned 37 wins, just two more than Jeff’s 35.  Bruce, though, has a better career win percentage (.593) than Jeff (.559).

Bruce wasn’t the only action on the night though.  Although, there was no movement on the top of the standings. C.E.S. earned 5.5 points to remain in first place.  METRO ELECTRIC earned 6 points to stay in second place, closing the gap between the teams to just 7.5 points.

There was little movement in the rest of the standings with only six teams moving positions and the other six staying in the same place they were in at the start of the week.  In fact, thanks to the half-point they earned on the night, C.E.S. made sure that only one team would be within a 10-point sweep of first place and that’s second-place METRO ELECTRIC.  Every other team is more than 10 points away from first place.

Several Cooters turned in some impressive cards on the night:

  • GARY PADBERG – 46 (26)
  • RICK BRENNAN – 35 (28)
  • RAY GILLICK – 40 (29)
  • MATT JOST – 40 (29)

Additionally, two other golfers turned in sub-par scratch scores: NICK KAUSCH & BRUCE THOMAS each shot a 1-under-par-35.

But…HOT! HOT! HOT!…DAVE “SMASHBURGER” SCHWEITZER turned in a 3-under-par 33 on the night!

Closest-to-the-pin honors were earned by JEFF POHRER & GARY SEYMOUR.

GARY PADBERG took the outright lead on the Sandbagger Award watch list by improving his handicap by another stroke for a total of four strokes.  RUSS KLEVORN & RICK BRENNAN each have a record of 8-2-0, while HERB GOLTERMAN is at 4-1-0; all have .800 win percentages and are currently in the lead for the Best Record Award.

Meanwhile, yes, NORM is still in the lead for the “Sey Tuff Guy” Award with his 0-5-0 (.000) record.  However, PAUL HILLYARD is doing his best to claim that title after earning his league-leading 10th loss of the season; his record now stands at 3-10-1 (.231).

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”100%”]THE GOOD – Daily Double: JEFF POHRER’s closest-to on #8 also got him a skin!
THE BAD – Just four weeks left…
THE UGLY – The Lake stories are already flowing![/pullquote]

The Match of the Week next week will feature 12th place JOEY B’S against 11th place PAUL THE PAINTER (Coot’s Cubbies) – don’t hold your breath!

[important]COOT SAYS: “Bring  your ‘A” game to COOT @ THE LAKE!“[/important]



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