Jun 18 2015


The. Rain. Just. Won’t. Stop.

Unfortunately, that means we have to postpone Week 9 and make some significant changes to the 2015 schedule.  Please read carefully and I’ll try to type slowly so you can all comprehend the changes…here they are, listed chronologically:

  • 6/18: NO GOLF
  • 6/25: FIRST HALF POSITION ROUND: the first half will now only consist of 8 weeks and a position round; the line up for the Position Round is as follows:
    • 2v5
    • 10v1
    • 6v11
    • 9v12
    • 3v7
    • 4v8
  • 7/2-8/21: WEEK 10-WEEK 18: the second half will feature 9 weeks and a Position Round.
  • 8/21: WEEK 18: Week 18 will take place on FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st (repeat: FRIDAY!) & will feature the line up that was scheduled for 6/18; meaning:
    • Golfers = 2-3-4-5
    • Teams = 1-12, 2-5, 3-7, 4-8, 6-9, 10-11
  • 8/27: SECOND HALF POSITION ROUND: the second half will consist of 9 weeks and a position round.
  • 9/3: PLAYOFF/SHOOTOUT: the 2015 season will not be extended beyond 9/3/15 due to daylight limitations

The updated league schedule is available on the Schedule page.  Please review it; you can also download it and print it for your records.  What this means is that there should be no reason for confusion, frustration, unnecessary complaining or, worse, unnecessary whining.

In fact, if you have a complaint, please click any of these links to file a formal complaint to league officials:

Thank you all for your patience and understanding of the fact that Coot Brown does not have control over the weather!



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