Jul 19 2015

Welcome Hot Weather and G & G Snow Plow! – Week 12 Recap

2013-hot-weather-memeHot…humid…breeze…front-9…WELCOME SUMMER!

Week 12 brought a change in the weather AND a change on the leaderboard as G & G SNOW PLOW entered into unchartered territory.  After getting 7.5 points on the night, the guys of Team 3 are now in the top spot with 22 points and a 1-point lead over HAEGELE NURSERY.

The heat seemed to get to most of Coot’s guys as there was an uncanny 6 matches that ended in a tie.  One of those ties, though, wasn’t JOE SONDERMAN who shot an even-par-36 on the night, and got the win!

The Milestone Watch has become quite the job to maintain!  Each week a couple guys get wins and a guy or two gets added.  This week saw victories for: TOM HEYL (97), KEVIN GARDNER (146) & PAUL HILLYARD (149).  ROLAND LAURY also got a victory on the week and is now on The Watch with 145 career victories.  JEFF POHRER remained at 245 with his loss on the night.  By the way – check out the Player Records page to see who is now the league leaders for losses and ties…hint: it’s not Jeff anymore!

Here’s The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

  • THE GOODDAVE SCHWEITZER was 3 over par (39)
  • THE BAD: DAVE HARTE‘s haircut…
  • THE UGLY: Heat Index

The closest-to-the-pin honors went to BOB TWITCHELL & KEVIN GARDNER.  All 3 weekly leaders for the year-end awards remained the same:

The League Rankings have been updated through Week 12 of the 2015 season – give them a peek!


COOT SAYS: “Another great time at the race track!” (pictures coming soon)



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