Jul 12 2016

Leap Frog to First Place – Week 12 Recap

comic-old-menAnother week of wet conditions with rain falling all day and into the start of Week 12 play.  That led to a lot of movement in the standings in the here in the early stages of the second half.

HEYL FARMS (10 points) leap frogged to first place from fifth place.  But, they shouldn’t get comfortable.  There are only 9 points between them in the top spot and PAUL THE PAINTER in last place.

Great shootin’ by ADAM LAURY with his even-par-36.  There were no low-net-scores worth noting on the week, however.

RON SCHMITT continues to cool down with his second consecutive loss.  He also added a stroke to his handicap and is now only improved by 3 strokes.  Therefore, he’s given over sole possession of the Sandbagger Award to DAVE COOPER (-4) for the time being.

Meanwhile, the Milestone Watch continues to grow in Coot’s 30th season.  This time, it was GREG GILLICK to join the list with his 145th career victory.

No celebrations yet though as JEFF POHRER is still waiting for his big win.  He got a loss on the night, #199 of his career.  So, the race is officially on: will he get win #250 first or loss #200 first??

RUSS KLEVORN strengthened his hold on the Best Record Award by getting his sixth win of the season and now sits at a perfect 6-0-2 (1.000).  JUGGIE HINDUJA is still winless on the season at 0-5-0 (.000).

NICK KAUSCH and RYAN VAN DILLEN each got closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.


“Get ready for the Open Challenge!”



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