Mar 17 2017

UPDATED – Pre-Season Scramble

UPDATED (as of April 5)

Here are the foursomes for the Pre-Season Scramble! Shot gun start at 2:00pm.

A handful of players were changed on the teams below.  The names in highlighted below are changes to the team lineups – all other team members remain the same.  

4/5/17 Update – the names highlighted in orange below were updated on 4/5/17


Team 1 Dennis Bowers Dave Harte Dave Hegger Gary Williams
Team 2 Bruce Thomas Jim Jost III Roland Laury John Perlongo
Team 3 Adam Laury Greg Gawrys Jeff Pohrer Gary Schmidt
Team 4 Nick Kausch Mike Wamser Tim Carberry Chad Larkowski
Team 5 Larry Moellering John Greffet Bob Twitchell Craig Aldridge
Team 6 Bob DeGunia Rick Brennan Derek Stephens Gary Gardner
Team 7 Joe Sonderman Chris Turek Rob Gaylord Craig Morris
Team 8 Mike O’Kane Ron Suda Ed Williams Marty Yanics
Team 9 Kevin Tyler Tim Gardner Tyler Sollberger Jim Pleimann
Team 10 John Cooper Elliot Kite Ron Schmitt Kevin Gardner

Cost is $50 per player (pay $40 at the desk and buck up $10 afterwards to KG)


After trying to expand our pre-season scramble on April 8th, Coot is sorry to say that we could only accommodate 40 golfers, due to having a shotgun start for the event.

Therefore, the following members will be on a “stand-by” list for the event:

  1. Jim Marcus
  2. Greg Gillick
  3. Ray Gillick

If anyone drops out or if the course allows for an additional foursome, the Cooters on the list will be contacted in the order they appear.

Here’s the list of participants for the day; pairings will be posted soon:

  1. Kevin Gardner
  2. Dennis Bowers
  3. Dave Hegger
  4. Craig Aldridge
  5. Mike Wamser
  6. Rick Brennan
  7. Dave Harte
  8. Adam Laury
  9. Rob Gaylord
  10. Craig Morris
  11. Jeff Pohrer
  12. Ron Schmitt
  13. Garry Byrd
  14. Bill Crews
  15. Mike O’Kane
  16. Jim Jost Jr.
  17. Jim Jost III
  18. Marty Yanics
  19. Larry Moellering
  20. Roland Laury
  21. John Perlongo
  22. Paul Hillyard
  23. Ed Williams
  24. Greg Gawrys
  25. Bob DeGuna
  26. Elliot Kite
  27. Kevin Tyler
  28. Tim Gardner
  29. Gary Gardner
  30. Chad Larkowski
  31. Tyler Sollberger
  32. Gary Williams
  33. Ron Suda
  34. Nick Kausch
  35. Bob Twitchell
  36. Gary Schmidt
  37. Bruce Thomas
  38. John Greffet
  39. Joe Sonderman
  40. Jim Roesch




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