Apr 14 2017

New Season, New Home, New Era – Week 1 Recap

Annnnd….WE’RE OFF!  

The 31st season of the Coot Brown Golf League is officially underway!  And, for the first time in league history, it’s happening somewhere other than Quail Creek! 

Coot’s guys were greeted at their new home, Tapawingo National, with perfect weather for opening night.  Temps were right around 85-degrees, the sky was filled with big, puffy clouds, and the spirits were high as the new season was set to begin at a new course.  In fact, it was the warmest opening night of the season in 31 years!

Also for the first time in league history, the first tee time of the night was 3:00pm on the Woodlands Course (one of the three available tracks at Tapawingo).  

Whenever we’re on the Woodlands, there will be three closest-to-the-pin winners; for week 1, they were: JOHN COOPER, GARY WILLIAMS & BRUCE THOMAS.

A couple of guys turned in low rounds on the night: JIM JOST III (38) and 70-year-old BRUCE THOMAS (38).  The low net score of the night was turned in by TIM SARGENT (28/45).  

“Check out what great shape the course was in…” -Coot

Meanwhile, on the Milestone Watch, JOHN WESTRICH got #98 but a couple others joined their perspective Milestone Clubs!  JOHN GREFFET got #150, just the 13th player to do that and JIM PLEIMANN got #100.


KENRICK’S MEATS (Team 3) grabbed 8 points on the night and jumped out to a 1-point lead over C.E.S. to have the top spot in the standings after the first week.  The feature match of Week 2 will feature our new sponsor, KENRICK’S MEATS looking to put PAUL THE PAINTER back in their place (Team 12). 


All-in-all it was a really great start to the new season.  Early poll results indicate that Coot’s guys are going to settle in nicely to their new home at Tapawingo and that we have a great 2017 season ahead.  

Be sure to be checking the Handicaps page, Player Records page and League Rankings page on a regular basis.  New this year, all of those pages will be updated weekly with the most current information available.  Also, help us out this year by sending pictures each week to webmaster@cootbrowngolf.net and they will be featured in the weekly recap and on the Facebook page.  





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