Jun 12 2017

A 2 Horse Race – Week 9 Recap

88 degrees.  Sunny skies.  ~PERFECTO~

Infamous Prairie side.  ~IMPERFECTO~


With just 2 weeks to go in the first half…it’s down to a 2 horse race between K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. and C.E.S.  Both teams got 9 points on the night and have separated themselves from the pack.  

And, because of the flooding-caused rescheduling of Week 4 (REMINDER: Thursday, June 15th will feature the Week 4 makeup – follow the schedule for Week 4!), Ole Abner is at it again and the feature match of the week (maybe the year?!) is K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. against C.E.S. – separated by only 4.5 points in the standings!

Week 4 will head back to the now-infamous Prairie track at Tapawingo National.  This week on the Prairie featured what might be the highest stroke average on record as there were 13 rounds of 50 & over.

RUSS KLEVORN (36) had the low round of the night while RYAN VAN DILLEN (28/41) turned in the low-net-score of the night.  BRUCE THOMAS grabbed his third closest-to-the-pin award of the season and HERB GOLTERMAN got the other.

The Milestone Watch was mostly quiet except for JOE SONDERMAN who got career victory #98.

For a night that featured a lot of ugly shooting, here’s The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

  • THE GOOD: Bunkers with sand.
  • THE BAD: Hitting into said bunkers.
  • THE UGLY: Hitting out of said bunkers.


“Woodlands: 45.06 stroke average;
Prairie: 46.56 stroke average”




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