Jul 15 2017

Fire On The Mountain, Lightning In The Air – Week 14 Recap

It. Was. Hot.
It. Was. Humid.
Rain. Was. Threatening.

“And there’s fire on the mountain
Lightning in the air
Gold in them hills and it’s waiting for me there”

And, yes, PAUL THE PAINTER is on that mountain, searching for that gold.  For the first time since…well, in a long time…Team #12 isn’t at the bottom of the standings.  Rather, they’re at the top…by a half-point, over METRO ELECTRIC.

‘Nuff Said.


As the temperature rose, so did the shooting by several Cooters.  DAVE SCHWEITZER and JOE SONDERMAN had the low-scratch-scores on the night, each with a 35.  Then, a few guys had some good low-net-scores on the night:

  • GARY SCHMIDT (26/39)
  • CRAIG MORRIS (28/39)
  • JOHN COOPER (29/37)
  • DAVE HEGGER (29/39)


And, as luck would have it, we have two feature match ups for Week 15: 

  • PAUL THE PAINTER will face off against METRO ELECTRIC with the top spot on the line as we turn the corner for the final stretch of the season.
  • SOUTHSIDE MACHINE takes on JOEY B’S with the bottom spot on the line…less to be celebrated.


BOB TWITCHELL (#149) and MIKE WAMSER (#98) each earned a win on the Milestone Watch.  Meanwhile, RICK BRENNAN & DAVE HARTE grabbed the closest-to-the-pin honors of the night.

That wasn’t all that was Good, Bad, or Ugly on the night though:

  • THE GOOD: Smash DAVE shootin’ 1-under-35
  • THE BAD: Smash DAVE losin’ his match
  • THE UGLY: Smash DAVE posting 4 birdies & no skins!


“Name that southern rock band!”



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