Jul 03 2017

Short Lived Excitement – Week 12 Recap

The temperatures were on the rise for Week 12 and the skies were overcast.  There was a threat of rain throughout the entire night but it actually made for pretty ideal conditions on the Prairie Course at Tapawingo National.

But, it wasn’t entirely ideal for PAUL THE PAINTER who didn’t quite survive a night that saw a lot of movement in the standings.  After their clean sweep of Week 11, Team 12 only earned 3 points on the night from K.G. ELECTRIC, INC., causing them to drop from first to third.

METRO ELECTRIC leap-frogged into first place with the hot-as-hot-can-get DENNIS BOWERS getting his 11th win of the season.  He’s still the leader of the Best Record Award (Sandbagger Award and “Sey Tuff Guy” Award both stayed the same this week).

Ultimately, though, 2 weeks into the second half, the standings are a log jam and it’s anybody’s half to claim still.  There are 8 teams within 6 points of first place…making each week a big one!

The Feature Match-Up of the Week for lucky #13: THE TUREK BROTHERS will try to cool down METRO ELECTRIC!

GARY GARDNER (30/43) carded the low-net-score of the night and BRUCE THOMAS (36) had the low-scratch-score of the evening.  TIM JOST & DAVE HARTE each grabbed the night’s closest-to-the-pin honors.  Meanwhile, JOE SONDERMAN (#99) & ERIC POHRER (#147) each made progress on the Milestone Watch.

What was so Good, Bad & Ugly about the night?

  • THE GOOD: Course conditions.
  • THE BAD: JOEY B’S, last year’s champs…in last place.
  • THE UGLY: Lake pairings are comin’ up!


“Dog Days are Here!”



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