May 27 2011

New Week, Same Weather – Week 7 Review

Another week, more rain.  Now, for the first time in some weeks, it wasn’t a total rainfall the entire night of golf.  But, after days of mid-80s temps, Coot’s guys were greeted with a cool 55° and drizzle.  Combine that with play on the dreaded back-nine, and you have record-bad golf for Coot’s league.

For the first time in Coot’s 25 years, there were NO golfers with a sub-40 score.  In fact, the lowest scratch score on the night was Bob DeGunia’s 40.  There was a bright spot on the net-score front: Jim Jost Jr.’s 31.  But, all-in-all, scores were great.  Dave Cooper suffered his first loss of the season.  Meanwhile, the Milestone Watch only saw one victory: John Cooper’s 97th career victory.


No Rain More Rain Too Much Rain
For only the 2nd time this season, the week wasn’t a total washout. Forecast for the next six weeks:
Water, water, water…too much water.


Skins were won by: Bob DeGunia on #10 (the league’s most hated hole on the course, according to the player profiles), John Greffet on #15, and Rick Brennan on #17.

The standings did not change for spots one through six.  Bean & Heyl (Team 1) lead the way for the bottom half of the standings; they moved from last to ninth place while the other 5 teams in the bottom half move around as well.

Chris Caruso and Nick Kausch (again) each nabbed a closest-to-the-pin honors.  Most improved through seven weeks is Elliot Kite who has improved his handicap by 2 strokes.  Matt Jost and Nick Kausch each have a perfect winning percentage of 1.000 with their 4-0-0 and 4-0-1 records, respectively.

Check out the updated standingsand handicaps to get ready for Week 8!

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