May 20 2011

Thursday Rainy Thursday – Week 6 Review

Another week, another rainy night of golf.  Coot’s guys were met on Quail Creek’s front-9 with 64° temperatures and a pretty steady rain.  But, a rainy day on the course is better than ANY day in the office!  That was made obvious by some of the good scoring on the night.

Four different players had a low-net-score of ’33’ on the night.  They included: Bob DeGunia, Larry Moellering, Matt Gagnepain, and Ray Gillick.  Additionally, Jim Roesch turned in a 39, good for the low-scratch-score of the night.


64° .64 64
Rain or shine, nice temps always make for a good night of golf! That’s about how much rain fell on the night – stay away for Week 7! Eric Pohrer had a rough round during Week 6 – watch out next week though!


Adam Laury, Matt Gagnepain, and Larry Moellering all won a skin on the night.  Matt even won 2 different skins!  But the real accomplishment on the night was getting through 9 holes without needing a paddle!

John Cooper and Chris Pohrer each got a win on Week 6.  They are now one win closer to their respective milestones.  Check out the newly-added “Milestone Watch” on the right-hand column of the homepage.

There were no major changes in the standings.  But, Haegele Nursery-Team 7 and C.E.S.-Team 9 did each move up 2 spots.  It continues to be a back-and-forth battle with Metro Electric-Team 3 and Southside Machine-Team 5.  But with a few weeks to go in the first half, the top 7 teams are still within 10 points of the top spot.

Week 7’s Feature Matchup will be between Haegele Nursery-Team 7 and Metro Electric-Team 3.  With just 8 points separating the 2 teams for the top spot, the action in Week 7 could be huge for the future of Coot’s standings!

Check out the updated standings and handicaps to get ready for Week 7!

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