May 19 2011

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Thoughts and Prayers for Bob Brawley

After suffering a stroke early in the week, Bob Brawley (K.G. Electric, Inc.) is recovering quite well. Bob will be kept at St. Anthony’s Medical Center for another day or so for tests and observations.

Upon his release, he will begin therapy on his way to a full recovery. His spirits are high and he is still yelling at Tony LaRussa and the Cardinals pitching staff while watching the games on TV.

Prayers are appreciated as Bob hopes to be back on the course as soon as possible.

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  1. Joe "cuz" Turek

    We pray for your speedy recovery, and look forward to playing golf with you soon. Be sure to do everything your doctors and nurses tell you to do.

    Good Luck


  2. John Greffet

    Hey Bob. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon so we can take all 5!!! Cute pj’s.

  3. Bob Twitchel

    thoughts and prayers are with you-Bob and Jennie

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