May 13 2011

At the Quarter-Post – Week 5 Review

The temperature was in the mid-80s with partly sunny skies. This made for a balmy atmosphere for Week 5 play as Coot’s guys made their way to the quarter-point of the 25th season.

It was a pretty standard night of Coot Brown golf. But, for a few guys, it was a special night.

First, Kevin Oliver (38) nabbed career-victory 97, inching his standing on the Milestone Watch (below) a win closer to #100. The records page has been updated – visit it to see your latest record. There, you will see the current “Best Record” honoree: Dave Hegger (41) with his perfect 4-0-0 (1.000) record.

Next, we have Joe Sonderman (4). In a rare feat, Joe earned both Closes-to-the-Pin honors on the night. These 2 closest-to wins are his 2nd and 3rd of the season as he earned one on Coot’s Opening Day.

Week 5 also marks the first week that we honor the Most Improved golfer(s) of the league. This week, we have 3 who have all improved their handicaps by 2 strokes: Elliot Kite (26), Tim Overby (28), & Juggie Hinduja (69).

Much Improved Much Improved Much NOT Improved
The conditions at Quail Creek Golf Course were improved greatly from Week 4 to Week 5. The “Z” Band-Team 6 earned 7 points to crawl out of the cellar and take hold of 11th place! The improvement of Team 6 opened the door for our defending champs, Bean & Heyl-Team 1, to take hold of LAST place.

There were too many skins winners to name them all. In fact six different golfers each earned $31 for earning a skin on the night. However, 1 of those skin winners was the aforementioned Joe Sonderman (4), who completed the Coot Trifecta!

The Feature Matchup of Week 6 will be C.E.S.-Team 9 & Southside Machine-Team 5. C.E.S. will be trying to put the breaks on the Southside freight train who has had a tight grip on the top spot in the standings for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, look for Russ Klevorn (14) to be on the cover of “Mad” Magazine any month now!

Check out the updated standings and handicaps to get ready for Week 6!

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