May 06 2011

Cinco de Mayo…COOT STYLE! – Week 4 Review

What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – with Coot’s Week 4 play! It was quite a festive night with 68-degree weather and the first sunny day in weeks. Play was slated for the front 9, making the atmosphere even greater. Front 9 play also set up a lot of action in the standings!

Southside Machine-Team #5 earned all 10 points possible on the night to take over the top spot in the standings. The team they were tied with after last week, K.G. Electric, Inc.-Team #2 only picked up 4 points on the night and fell to be tied for fifth place with Haegele Nursery-Team #7.

Jim Pleimann (G & G Snow Plow), Dave Hegger (Mead Electric), and Juggie Hinduja (AALCO MFG.) all turned in the low-net-score of the evening, each scoring a 27. Meanwhile, Jeff Pohrer‘s (AALCO MFG.) even-par-36 was the low-scratch-score of the night.

A Clean Sweep A Clean Miss A Clean Mess
As previously mentioned, Team #5 swept all 10 points to put them atop Coot’s standings with 28 points. On the flip side, Miniex Warehouse-Team #12 LOST all 10 points but fell only 1 spot to 10th place. Kevin Oliver (Mead Electric) just can’t seem to beat guys over 65 years old!

Four skins were handed out on the night: Jeff Pohrer, Rick Brennan (C.E.S.), Tim Overby (Metro Electric), and Matt Jost (Southside Machine). Week 5’s feature matchup of the week pits Team #5 against Team #8 and only 4 points separating each team!

Kudos to Coot’s members who are starting to turn in their Player Profiles! Get them in by June 1st…

Check out the updated standingsand handicaps to get ready for Week 5!

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