Apr 29 2011

And The Thunder Rolled – Week 3 Review

Another week, more rain. As the waters continue to rise around Quail Creek (creeping toward the 2nd hole as we speak), the rumble in the standings was as loud as the thunder. Week 3 was greeted with 61-degree temperatures, a cool breeze, and thunderstorms around the area. Oh yea, and more play on the back 9!

The real action was in the standings as only 3 teams stayed put after Week 3 play. In fact, Quail Creek made a jump from 10th place to join a 3-way tie for 1st place after earning all 10 points possible during Week 3 play! The other teams in 3-way tie are K.G. Electric, Inc. and Southside Machine. Other the other 9 teams in the league, 8 of them are within just 6 points of 1st place!



THE GOOD – The Eagles
Tim Sargent (Miniex Warehouse) eagled #11…too bad it wasn’t in league play!

All right, enough is enough…NO MORE RAIN!

THE UGLY – Eat Your Greens
The pins were in the same place as last week and the greens hadn’t been cut in a week…Coot’s guys have enough issues on the back 9!

Three skins were handed out on the night: Roland Laury (C.E.S.) on #12, Elliott Kite (Bean & Heyl) on #13, and George Ermold (Quail Creek) on #17.

Meanwhile, on the Milestone Watch: Kevin Oliver (Mead Electric) nabbed #96 (now if only he’d quit smoking in the clubhouse) and Ron Schmitt (AALCO MFG.) nabbed #146. Each are only 4 wins away from their respective milestones!

Bruce Thomas (K.G. Electric, Inc.) got another win on Week 3; he now has 175 wins.

Check out the updated standings and handicaps to get ready for Week 3!

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