Jun 10 2011

Flirtin’ with History…Again – Week 9 Review

Sunny, humid, dry, and 90º – the perfect setting for near record-breaking golf…again!  Just a week after setting the league record for low stroke average (42.7), Coot’s guys gave that record a run-for-the-money.  The stroke average this week was a lowly 43.7.  Amazing what a couple weeks of rain-free golf can do for the guys!

The great golfing was led by Jim Pleimann‘s low-net-score of 27 and Dave Schweitzer‘s low-scratch-score of 34.  Nick “I need change” Kausch nabbed the only skin on the night, worth $180.  Meanwhile, John Cooper and John Greffet earned closest-to-the-pin honors.

All of this stellar golfing the last couple weeks has created a log jam in the race for the weekly “Most Improved” honor.  Through nine weeks of golf, 11 different golfers have improved their handicap by 2 strokes.  Those golfers are: Elliot Kite, Norm Friedmeyer, Jim Jost III, Matt Jost, Jim Roesch, Jeff Laury, Jim Pleimann, Ray Gillick, Rob Gaylord, Juggie Hinduja, and Rob Twitchell.

Additionally, three golfers have turned in perfect records through nine weeks of golf: Jim Jost III and Matt Jost each have perfect 5-0-0 records while David Schuster‘s record is 5-0-2, all with a win percentage of 1.000.

History was almost made a second time on Week 9.  Metro Electric-Team 3 earned eight points on the night.  One more point earned on the night and they would have locked up the first half championship PRIOR to the Position Round scheduled for Week 10.  That has NEVER happened in Coot’s history.  Instead, we have the feature match-up of the week: Metro Electric-Team 3 & Southside Machine-Team 5.  There are 9.5 point separating the two teams now…a sweep from Southside will equal a first half championship, anything less will give it to Metro.


36 35 34
David Schuster‘s even-par-36 (net-score: 29)…and the “W”. Jim Roesch‘s one-under-35…and the “W”. Dave Schweitzer’s two-under-34…and the “L”.


On the flip side of the action in the standings, Miniex Warehouse-Team 12, returned to the cellar after earning just three points on the week.  Chris Pohrer finally made some progress on the Milestone Watch, earning career victory #197.

Check the latest standings and handicaps as you prepare for Position Play to end the first half of the 25th season!

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