Jun 03 2011

Heatin’ Up – Week 8 Review

Finally – NO RAIN!  The rain let up in St. Louis and made way for sun, 90º temperatures, and HUMIDITY!  And with the course at Quail Creek able to dry out just a bit, Coot’s guys were primed to shoot record-setting golf.  There was the near-record low-net-score shot by Ray Gillick (26-2 off the league record).  Then the low-scratch score of 1-under-par 35 shot by Bruce Thomas (has to be a record low-scratch-score to still lose by 3 points).

But, the biggest record set was that of all the guys in the league.  June 2, 2011 will be the day that goes down as the lowest league average for one night of just 42.7.  This record was set nearly a year to the date that the record for the highest league average for one night (June 3, 2010).  12 guys turned in sub-40 scores, three more right at 40, and only three scores in the 50s (after last week’s terrible scores).  Turns out the pesky cicadas weren’t the only buzz on the course this week!

Three guys earned skins on the night: Brad Garlich with his eagle on #1, Bruce Thomas on #5, and Matt Gagnepain on #8.  Matt also earned one of the closest-to-the-pin honors, along with Ed Williams.  That wasn’t all for Matt though; he turned in a birdie on #7, #8, & #9 to beat Greg Gillick by just one stroke!

Miniex Warehouse-Team 12 pulled themselves out of the league cellar for the first time in a long while, earning their way to the 9th spot in the standings.  Nine other teams moved in the standings as only the first and second places remained unchanged.


Metro Electric-Team 3 Metro Electric-Team 3 Metro Electric-Team 3
Metro Electric-Team 3 is getting it together just before position play in two weeks! Metro Electric-Team 3 extended their first-place lead to 7.5. There are just two weeks left in the first half (running out of time to catch Metro Electric-Team 3)


We did have one win on the Milestone Watch. Ron Schmitt got a win on Week 8, giving him 147 career victories; just 3 away from the 150 milestone.

The feature matchup of the week for Week 9 will pit Metro Electric-Team 3 against G & G Snow Plow-Team 10.  G & G Snow Plow has been hot of late as they try to knock off the red-hot Metro team.

Check out the updated standings and handicaps to get ready for Week 9!

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