Jul 29 2011

Hot Temps, Hot Standings – Week 16 Review

What’s worse than playing the back-9 on a Coot week?  How about ANOTHER night of 100º temps & 100% humidity?  Sure, it was breezy, but, that only goes so far when the heat index is hovering around 110º.

While the heat made it too hot to even laugh, it didn’t stop Coot’s guys from a nice round of golf, making the standings an historic top-spot-logjam!

Mike O’Kane shot a 37, as did Bruce Thomas, for the low-scratch-score of the night.  Meanwhile, Marty Yanics had a career round with his low-net-score of 29 while also earning one of the closest-to-the-pin honors.  The other “closest-to” honor went to Nick Kausch.

There were too many skins winners to list them individually.  Five to be exact, including one earned by an eagle ‘3’ on #17 (by Jim Jost III).

The action in the standings was the real hot story of the night though!  The “Z” Band jumped from 8th place to 4th place by picking up nine points.  That puts the team as one of the nine teams within ten points of first place and clipping at the heels of K.G. Electric, Inc. , with just a couple weeks to go in the 25th season.


Weather Effect Weather Effect Weather Effect
Despite the recent heat wave, the fairways are in good shape! Just plain NO RAIN… Greens #15 & 16 – but who likes the back-9 anyway?


While none of the pre-existing members of the Milestone Watch made any progress to their individual career markers (yes, Chris Pohrer is still just one win away), we did see some additions to the watchlist.  Tim Sargent and Larry Moellering each sit at 95 career victories.

The feature match-up of the week will pit The red-hot “Z” Band against AALCO MFG. – the teams are three & two points out of first place, respectively.

Stay cool out there!

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