Aug 05 2011

And Down The Stretch They Come – Week 17 Review

Coot's annual Lake Ozark Golf Classic is just around the corner. Porto Cima (one of the courses used) is pictured here.

It was still hot.  But, compared to previous weeks of play, Week 17’s weather was a welcome situation.  95º, overcast skies, and quite breezy: that’s what made for a decent night of golf as Coot’s guys near the end of the 25th season.

With the annual Lake Tournament just around the corner, the energy level was already high.  Several guys took advantage of that energy.  Also, several teams did the same as the standings saw some of the most action in weeks.

Four guys shot a 37 on the night for the low-scratch-score: Jim Roesch, Bruce Thomas, Dave Schuster, and Roland Laury.  Roland also had the low-net-score of the night when his 37 turned into a 28 after factoring in his handicap.

Three guys picked up a skin on the night: Kevin Gardner, Dave Hegger, and Greg Gillick.

All of this great golfing led to a lot of movement in the standings.  That movement was led by The “Z” Band (Team #6) who moved from 9th place to 4th place then on to 1st place all in the last two weeks.

Matt Turek got the only closest-to-the-pin honor of the night.  The other one was skipped due to the poor conditions of that green (thanks to Mother Nature).


Lake Tourney Lake Tourney Lake Tourney
Lake Pairings are in…click here to see them! The bull shit is flying now! NOPE! Temps are supposed to be in the mid-80s!


While Dave Hegger was busy sending his sand shot from the left bunker on #8 into the fairway on #2 (“I GOT ALL OF IT!”), a couple other golfers were making their mark on history.  Herb Golterman joined the Milestone Watch with his 95th career victory.  Larry Moellering and Dennis Bowers also got a win closer to the 100 Win Club.

But, (finally) Chris Pohrer got career win #150 to join the elite 150 Win Club!


The “Z” Band (Team #6) and G & G Snow Plow (Team #10) will face-off against each other next week in Week 18’s feature match-up.  Although, with the top 7 teams all within just two points of each other, every match-up is a big one!



Due to the Lake Tournament this week, many guys will not be able to attend Week 18’s action.  Any available golfers should plan on being at Quail Creek to fill in for missing golfers.


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