Aug 12 2011

Just One More, Please – Week 18 Review

Chris Pohrer enjoying the festivities at the annual Lake Ozark Golf Classic.

The heat spell finally snapped and Coot’s guys were greeted with a comfortable breeze, sunny skies, low humidity, and 82º.  That all made for a PERFECT setting for Week 18 that led into the annual Lake Ozark Golf Classic.

In addition to the excitement generated by the Lake Tourney, was the excitement generated by the tight standings for the last week of regular golf.  Going into Week 18, just six points separated the top spot and the 10th spot – some of the closest standings this late in any season of Coot’s history.

And The “Z” Band (Team 6) was up for the challenge.  They took 9 of 10 points to keep a strong hold of the top spot in the standings.  AALCO MFG. (Team 11) did their fair-share of damage too, earning 8 or 10 points to stay in 2nd place going into Week 19’s Position Round.  Mead Electric (Team 4) made the biggest jump on the night from 7th place to 4th place.

Here are the match-ups for Position Round on August 18:

6-11 :: 4-5 :: 8-2 :: 1-9 :: 10-7 :: 12-3

The action in the standings was led by the great golfing of several of Coot’s guys; 11 scores were turned in of 40 or below.  Bruce Thomas shot a 34 on the night for the “low-scratch-score”.  Meanwhile, Ron Suda‘s 27 was good for the “low-net-score” of the night.

Jim Jost III, Gary Williams, and Greg Gawrys each earned a skin and David Schuster and Bob Twitchell nabbed closest-to-the-pin honors.

This Half Last Half Which Half
Lots of parody this half! 1st half winners are relaxing nicely in the cellar! Week 18 will tell us who will challenge 1st half winners for title of the 25th edition of the Coot Brown Golf League!

Matt Gagnepain still has the best record in the league with his 10-2-0 (.833) record (1 more win and Jim Jost III will join him).   Jim Pleimann, though, joined Matt on this week’s “Most Improved” list after improving his handicap by 3 strokes.

On the Milestone Watch, Ron Schmitt and Larry Moellering each got 1 win closer to their respective milestones!

And so it is, 25 years of Coot is down to the final moments.  Good luck to all of Coot’s golfers in the Position Round during Week 19!


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