Aug 19 2011

24 Years, 19 Weeks – Week 19 Review

It was a warm and humid night with no breeze in the air.  The temperature of Coot’s guys, though, was bitter-sweet.  Any night of Coot golf is great…except for when it’s the second-to-last night of the season.

But that didn’t stop some of Coot’s guys from shooting some of their best golf of the season.  Bruce Thomas shot his typical, 1-under-par-35 for the low-scratch-score of the night.  Dave Schuster and Gary Gardner had the low-net-score of the night with a 31 each.

Ed Williams and Dave Hart nabbed closest-to-the-pin honors.  Meanwhile, 4 different guys won a skin.  The pot was an amped-up $400 with the traditional $10 buy in on the last night of golf for the season.  Mike O’Kane, Nick Kausch, and Chris Turek each got one skin while Bruce Thomas nailed 2 of them.

The Milestone Watch will remain largely the same going into #26 as only Larry Moellering got a win to make progress toward his milestone-100.

In what is sort of an historical mark for the league, there were 5 matches that ended in ties, believed to be the most ever.

25th 25th 25th
An awesome season! It’s coming to an end. 25 years later…a changing of the guard, lots of young guns taking over!


The feature match-up of Week 20, obviously, will be first-half winners, Metro Electric, and second-half winners, The “Z” Band, battling it out for the 25th championship title of Coot’s history!


Roland Laury doing dishes at the Lake Tourney. What's that lady looking at behind him?

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment, though, was the guys living to tell the stories of the annual Lake Ozark Golf Classic. Which is a good thing given that we all wanted to be able to hear about Roland Laury doing the dishes!

As with the previous 24, the 25th edition of the Coot Brown Golf League was a great one!  Stay tuned to Coot’s website for information throughout the winter about the 2012 season as well as Coot’s Winter Social!

Check back after Week 20 for a complete recap of the season, including the recipients of Coot’s annual league awards!




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