Feb 10 2012

2012 Winter Meeting Information

2012 | 26 Years

    • April 12th through August 30th
    • Tee Times: 3:27pm-5:00pm
    • August 10th, 11th, and 12th
    • $1,800 per team
    • $300 per member
    • Closest-to-the-Pin included [“buck up”]
    • This year’s hole-in-one prize: $1,155+
    • $100 per team
    • $125 per player
      • NOTE: All league fees and team sponsor money due April 1st.  Payable to “COOT BROWN”, ATTN: Kevin Gardner or Gary Seymour


  1. 2012 League Fees – All money this year will be handled by your team captain.  Your captain must pay for your entire team by April 1, 2012.  All teams paid on time will receive 10 bonus points towards the start of the first half.  Failure to pay in full will result in your team losing 10 points.  This can result in a 20-point swing before your team is on the first tee box!  Last year every team paid on time – WOW!
  2. Scorecards – In 2012, all cards must be filled out correctly.  Failure to do so will result in your team forfeiting and will receive 0 points.  All cards must have your full name, team number, and correct handicap.
  3. Official Score – This year, to eliminate any possible discrepancies about socre results, we are proposing that each and every scorecard is to be verified by your opposing team and signed by one member of each team.  Any card not signed by one member of each team will receive 0 points for that night.
  4. Team Realignments –In 2012, there is a need to solidify teams.  Weed out the weak and make some roster changes as needed.
  5. Tee Times – The biggest problem in 2011 was the amount of no-shows and individuals requesting either a late and/or early tee time.  This can no longer be a concern for the league officials, but for each of you to work out with your team captain.
  6. Rules Awareness – Another point many of you have aired is rules awareness.  It is the sole responsibility of each league member to know the rules and have read them.  If you question anything, ask your opposing team for a ruling.
  7. “Native Wild Flowers” – All areas marked as such are considered out of bounds, play ball as if marked with white stakes.
  8. Seniors – All league members 65 & older may play from Senior Tees (green).  Or any other special exemption previously approved by league officials.
  9. Subs & Team Extras – This year all subs will have to be a paid member of the Coot Brown Golf League.  In addition, any team with more than a 6-man rotation will also need to pay an additional fee per golfer.
  10. Rosters – All teams must submit a 6-man roster with any additional golfers listed by April 1, 2012.

 Download meeting agenda for your records!


Starting off season 26 right!

Posted by Coot Brown Golf League on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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    • dave hegger on February 28, 2012 at 8:20 am

    A perposal:
    have the coot brown first meeting on the thursday before the super bowl.

    that way we can play the 100 sqares for $20 a peice, payouts are always what everyone agrees on.
    sugestion: $400
    $400 and the left over $400 should go to the coot bank account.

    everyone please chime in,what do you think?

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