Jun 11 2012

Down Goes Frazier! – Week 9 Recap

Coot's guys were excited to see Kevin Hodge, a former league member, pictured here with Kevin Gardner & Kevin Oliver

It was a night for the ages!  After winning the Coot’s 25th Anniversary Season in 2011, Metro Electric held onto the top spot in the standings for the first 8 weeks of 2012.  Right behind Metro for the majority of the season has been Southside Machine.  It has really been a 2-horse race for all of 2012!

Until June 7, 2012.

It was another perfect night for golf.  A comfortable 85-degrees with next-to-no humidity.  The night had all the typical trimmings of front-9 play.  Ron Suda carded a 39 (net: 27), Ray Gillick turned in a 41 (net: 27), Bruce Thomas was 2-under par with his 24, Nick Kausch shot a cool 37 (only to get beat by Al Keller with a 39) – just another Coot Night on the Course.

And then came an epic choke only matched by the 2011 Atlanta Braves (and every Cubs team to make it past the 4th of July in the past century)…

The top 2 teams in the standings, Metro Electric & Southside Machine, managed to get blanked on the night (each received ZERO points) to take a hard tumble in the standings and nearly eliminate themselves from first-half championship contention.

In first place all year, Metro Electric was shutout by Mead Electric.  Metro ended the night in 6th place while Mead moved from tenth to seventh.  Meanwhile, in one of the greatest upsets in league history, C.E.S. took all 10 points from Southside.  This dropped Southside all the way to eighth place while putting C.E.S. in FIRST place by 1.5 points over Heyl Farms!

The flip in the standings was made possible by Coot’s own Hatfield vs. the McCoys feud as 2 father/son combos squared off in this battle.  Adam & Roland Laury (C.E.S.) both shot a 42 to sweep Jim Jost Jr. & Jim Jost III (Southside Machine) to gain 5 points in this seventh-place vs. second-place battle.

That laid out a position round for Week 10 that looks like this:

  • 10 vs. 9
  • 6 vs. 5
  • 2 vs. 1
  • 4 vs. 3
  • 12 vs. 11
  • 8 vs. 7

THE GOOD – To see old Coot presence of Kevin Hodge, gearing up for the Lake Tourney!
THE BAD – Norm Friedmeyer measuring closest-to on #3.
THE UGLY – NOOOOOOORM! 19th Hole antics!

Feature match-up of Week 10’s position round is, of course: The Bug Men vs. Green Acres with the first-half title on the line!

Closest-to-the-pin honors went to Dave Cooper (for the second time this season) and Bruce Thomas.  Herb Golterman even earned career victory #98.

Not everyone had such a great night though.  Kevin Gardner turned in his worst 9 holes in Coot history with his 53, thanks, in part, to 6 OB’s.

WARNING: $10 skins for Week 10!

Coot reminds you: “Wasted Days & Wasted Nights”…looking forward to the 2nd half!


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