Jun 19 2012

We’re Gonna Need Another Week – Week 10 Recap

It started as a typical mid-season week.  Especially typical for 2012 with more nice temperatures and sunny skies as has become the custom for Coot’s 26th season.  Most guys showed up assuming that the close of the first half would close the same way as the previous 25 seasons – with a champion.

But not this season.

Another Coot first during the 26th edition…Week 11 will be needed for a tie-breaker to determine who won the first half.  It all started with the epic collapse of Metro Electric & Southside Machine during Week 9.  That lead to a Position Round match-up of Quail Creek vs. Heyl Farms with the first half title on the line.

Each team earned enough points to finish the season with 57.5 points in Coot’s standings.  The first tiebreaker in this situation is head-to-head competition results.  However, these teams have not played each other head-to-head yet; they are scheduled to do that during Week 11.

If the teams end Week 11 still tied, the next tie breaker is “higher seed”.  Quail Creek has the edge over Heyl Farms for that tiebreaker as Quail Creek is team #6 & Heyl Farms is team #9.

THE GOOD – “LP” MaKayla
THE BAD – C.E.S. went from 7th place to 1st place to 7th place in the blink of an eye
THE UGLY – Also a coot tie for last place: K.G. Electric, Inc. & Haegele Nursery

Jim Jost turned in a low-net score on the night of just 27; Ron Suda (28) & Tim Sargent (28) were a close second. Tim Overby and Tim Sargent each earned their first closest-to-the-pin honors of the season.  Tim Sargent also inched a win closer to the 100-Win Club, earning his 98th career victory during Week 10.

The obvious feature match-up of the week for June 21 is Quail Creek vs. Heyl Farms.  The first half title is on the line, again!

COOT SAYS: “Half a mile to go!”

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