May 28 2013

Just Another Rainy Thursday – Week 6 Recap


Another masterpiece creation by Chef Greg!

The day started great with bright sunshine and near-perfect temps; it had all the makings of the best night of golf for Coot’s 27th season.  Then…tee time came and so did the rain.

Coot’s guys battled through, though, and had a typically-fun night on the links.

However, the elements probably contributed to nearly NO movement in the standings with just a few weeks left in the first half.  AALCO MFG. remains in first place and there are now just four teams within a one-week-sweep (10 points or less) of the top spot (C.E.S., The Bean House, Heyl Farms & The Turek Brothers).

No matter how you shake it, there is sure to be some great action in the remaining weeks of the first half; to say nothing of what will come in the second half as the rest of Coot’s teams look for a chance to battle for the crown!

The elements also couldn’t stop Tony Turek who shot a low-net-score of 29 (45) or Tom “Short Pants” Heyl who shot a net-score of 31 (42).

Matt Jost & Bob DeGunia earned the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.  Meanwhile, the Milestone Watch remains just two members deep; Marty Yanics will fight for #100 another week while Greg Gillick got #146 on the night.

THE GOOD – Course conditions!
THE BAD – Course conditions.
THE UGLY – Bruce Thomas & Gary Seymour passing each other at the Seattle airport on Friday!

More ugly: Rob Gaylord is out to a fast start for the “Sey Tuff Guy” Award (0-6-0 .000).

The match-up of the week for Week 7 features The Bean House (Team 1) against AALCO MFG. (Team 8) as the guys from The Bean House try their might to close the gap!

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As we’ve past the quarter-point of the season, the updated league rankings have been updated and are now posted on the League Rankings page.


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