Jul 08 2013

Hot! Damn Hot! – Week 11 Recap

2013-hot-weather-memeHot? YES.

Damn Hot? YES.

Back 9? YES, DAMN.

It took a little longer than some seasons, but the heat is here just in time for Coot’s second half!

AALCO MFG. (Team 8) is keeping up with the weather after their first-half title; they earned 8 points on the night to take over second place in the standings.

Overshadowing their run at the two-half-sweep was the 10-point-sweep on the night by Quail Creek (Team 2).  They grabbed all 10 points from Paul the Painter (Team 11), reminding everyone why they are Team 11!

The Milestone Watch remained quiet as the lone member, Greg Gillick got a loss on the night.  Plus, you can now see your updated career player records, through week 11, by visiting the Player Records page.

Bob Twitchell and John Davis continue their push toward the Sandbagger Award (-2) while Joe Sonderman is still in the running for the Best Record Award with his 4-0-1 (1.000) record.  Norm Friedmeyer had a rough night on the back-9 on Week 11, giving him a loss and control of the “Sey Tuff Guy” Award with his 1-5-0 (.157) record.

The Good – GREAT job, all these years, by George Ermold in taking care of Coot’s guys!
The Bad – Limping through the remainder of the year.
The Ugly – Future of Coot league at Quail Creek…

Bob Twitchell & Matt Turek earned the closest-to-the-pin honors on Week 11.

The Feature Match of Week 12 will pit Quail Creek (Team 2) against Metro Electric (Team 6) – is it Metro’s turn to spoil a run?



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