Aug 13 2013

No Rain, No Memories – Week 16 Recap

2013-week-16-forgotThis one will be short & simple – DON’T REMEMBER SH!T!  That pesky Lake Tourney got in the way of the Week 16 recap.  Here are a few things we do remember…

A few guys had low-net scores on the night: Mike Wamser (26), Gary Schmidt (28) & Tim Carbery (29).

Yes, Team George is still in first…

Jim Jost & Smokin’ George Ermold each got victories to inch a win closer to their Milestone Watch accomplishment.

Top 3 teams in the standings remained the same; Quail Creek (Team 2) now has a 7.5-point lead & only 1 other team, Haegele Nursery (Team 10), is within a 1-week, 10-point striking distance.

The Good – Tim Carbery nailing BOTH closest-to-the-pin honors!
The Bad – ???
The Ugly – Only 4 weeks left…….

The feature match-up of Week 17 will be Quail Creek (Team 2) against K.G. Electric, Inc. (Team 12) – playing for just a little self respect…MAYBE.




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