Aug 18 2013

The Perfect Storm – Week 17 Recap


“A perfect storm’ is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.”

Yea, that happened.

Team George (Team 2) has been cruising along this season; roaring through the second half with a strong hold on the top spot in the standings.  Then, a perfect storm hit, and now they have just a half-point lead over Haegele Nursery (Team 10).

In what seems to happen every time the Cards play the Cubs, Team George suffered at the hands of the cellar-dwelling K.G. Electric, Inc. (Team 12) team.  Following a motivational speech for the ages, fit only for The Gipper, K.G. Electric, Inc. took ALL 10 POINTS from Team George this week in a sweep that sent the fat lady home & rocked the standings (that’s why this was the feature match-up of the week in last week’s recap)!

Meanwhile, the team that’s been nipping at their heels all half long, Haegele Nursery, grabbed 7 of 10 points from Metro Electric (Team 6).  Thus, the perfect storm for Team George.

And so brings next week, the last week before the position round of Week 19.  Haegele Nursery takes on first-half-winner, AALCO MFG. (league championship preview?); while Team George takes on Metro Electric.


The Good – John Perlongo
The Bad – Dave Harte
The Ugly – Dave Hegger

The Team George stumble wasn’t the only story on the night.  In fact, several guys turned in great low-net-scores, including:

  • Jim Jost (28)
  • Joe Turek (28)
  • NORRRRRRM! (28)
  • Jim Pleimann (29)
  • Gary Seymour (29)

Bruce Thomas turned in the best scratch card on the night with his 2-under-par-34.  Meanwhile, Craig Morris & Jim Jost joined the closest-to-the-pin club for the season.

On the Milestone Watch, Jim Jost got win #98; he’s not just 2 wins away from joining the 100-Win Club.  But, he also sits on 99 losses – which ‘100’ milestone will he hit first?

Jim wasn’t the only guy make milestone progress on Week 17.  Two Cooters joined a more dubious club by earning their 100th career LOSS: John Davis & Kevin Oliver!  Congratulations?

Another great development of Week 17: no skins were handed out!  That means:

[important]CARRYOVER SKINS FOR NEXT WEEK – $170+![/important]

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