Aug 26 2013

Too Many Coulda’s & Shoulda’s – Week 18 Recap

Bob Haegele finds himself in a bit of a pickle as his team chases down Team George!

Bob Haegele finds himself in a bit of a pickle as his team chases down Team George!

After a summer of near-perfect weather, the typical St. Louis heat & humidity came roaring back for the final turn of the 2013 season!

Temperatures, though, weren’t the only thing on the rise throughout Week 18:

There was a whole lot of “coulda – woulda-shoulda” as we come up on the final 2 weeks of the 27th edition of the Coot Brown Golf League.

But, what really matters is not what coulda happened or shoulda happened; rather, what DID happen…

Team George (Team 2) grabbed 9 points, a big move on their part, to maintain their fingernail grip on the top spot in the standings.  Meanwhile, Haegele Nursery (Team 10) got 8 points on the night and are now just 1.5 points out of first place, heading into the Week 19’s Position Round.

All-in-all, though, teams from first place to seventh place are still in contention to cash in on the season!  That takes us to the 19th week of the 27th season – it’s time for the POSITION ROUND!


  • 2 vs. 10
  • 5 vs. 9
  • 4 vs. 1
  • 12 vs. 3
  • 7 vs. 8
  • 11 vs. 6[/important]

A few guys turned in low-net-scores on the night: Tim Jost (30), Joe Turek (30) and Bob Brawley (30).  And, YEP, Bruce Thomas had the low-scratch-score on the night with his 1-under-par-35.

There was no action on the Milestone Watch but Matt Turek & Bruce Thomas did nab the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

The Good – Skins carryover.
The Bad – Bruce Thomas got 1 of 3.
The Ugly – Dave Schweitzer got 2 of 3.

There is one last shot for the 2013 League Awards…current leaders are:

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