Apr 28 2014

No Safe Spot – Week 3 Recap

Rain-GolfThe week started great: 75-degrees with cloudy skies…but, it ended with a down pour on the last four groups.  But, we were able to do what we couldn’t pull off in the first several weeks of the 2013 season: no rain out!

The best part of the night, though, was that Coot’s guys got to take advantage of the back-9…OH YEA!  The favorable #10-#18 allowed for a major shakeup in the standings early in the season.

Only one team kept their spot in the standings (HEYL FARMS) and that just happened to be the top spot.  In fact, they were able to extend their hold on first place to a full point, up from a half-point last week.

Every other spot in the standings, though, was not safe as every team moved.  Some moved in the right direction; like: THE BEAN HOUSE, G & G SNOW PLOW, THE TUREK BROTHERS & PAUL THE PAINTER – all of these teams moved up by two places in the standings.

On the other hand, however, a couple teams went the wrong direction; like: JOEY B’S, HAEGELE NURSERY & K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. – all of these teams dropped by two places in the standings .

DAVE SCHUSTER (37) had the low-scratch-score on the night while PAUL HILLYARD (44/30) had the low-net-score.  PAUL HILLYARD was also the only Cooter on the Milestone Watch to have any movement as he earned career-victory #147.

ROLAND LAURY & RON SCHMITT earned the closest-to-the-pin honors for Week 3.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”100%”]THE GOOD – “Chef Craig”
THE BAD – No post-round Birds or Blues
THE UGLY – Road Kill? [/pullquote]

[error]COOT MATCH-UP OF THE WEEK: first-place HEYL FARMS against third-place THE BEAN HOUSE![/error]


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