Aug 25 2014

Hot! Damn Hot! – Week 18 Recap

2013-hot-weather-memeWell, the heat finally showed up this season…and it came STORMING in!

98: degrees & humidity – miserable conditions for a night of golf!

And now, we’re all set for the Week 19 Position Round.  Only three teams changed positions in the standings on the night as SOUTHSIDE MACHINE, AALCO MFG. and THE TUREK BROTHERS all shuffled spots.

C.E.S. held on to the top spot, despite only earning 2 points on the night; same for METRO ELECTRIC who stayed in second place.  That top spot was ripe for the picking after those dismal nights, but SOUTHSIDE MACHINE‘S 9 points wasn’t enough and certainly 1 point for THE BEAN HOUSE wasn’t going to scare anyone.

C.E.S. is in control going into the Position Round but 4 teams are mathematically still in contention for the second-half title.

MARK BALVEN (43/27) and GARY GARDNER (39/29) each carded low-net scores on the night.  BOB TWITCHELL and JIM MARKUS got the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night and there was no movement on the Milestone Watch.  Coot’s Cubbies won’t be delayed!

WARNING! Last week of individual performances is next week!

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”100%”]THE GOOD – Eagle (2) on #1 for JIM JOST III
THE BAD – Cart Girl Service
THE UGLY – Lake pics by Sir Paul[/pullquote]

[important]COOT SAYS: “VIVA LAS VEGAS!”[/important]

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