Aug 18 2014

“You Haven’t Been on the Bar in a While” – Week 17 Recap

2014-week-17-tom-heylWell, better late than never, right?

And what a difference a week can make…after a total washout of the originally-scheduled Week 17 on 8/7/14, Coot’s guys were greeted with a near-perfect night of 85-degree temps and very little humidity.

Heck…it was such a great night, our guy TOM HEYL decided to get up on the bar in a way he hadn’t in quite some time!

But, Tommy Shortpants wasn’t the only hot show on the night.  Several of Coot’s guys fought off the Lake Tourney hangover to have a great night.  Leading the way was RON SUDA who took his name off the Milestone Watch and added it to the 100-Win Club list!


Also on the Milestone Watch, CHRIS CARUSO joined the list with his 145th career victory and STEVE MINIEX got #97.

METRO ELECTRIC inched a little closer by earning seven points on the night.  They’re only 5.5 behind C.E.S. who is still on top of the standings with just one more week before the Week 19 Position Round.  With just those two weeks of scoring left, it is looking like a three-team race with 2013 winner, AALCO MFG. only four points behind METRO ELECTRIC.

Kudos to JOHN COOPER for his low round of 37 and to GREG GILLICK to be the first three-peat winner of a closest-to-the-pin of the season.  The newest member of the 200-Win Club, BRUCE THOMAS, earned the other one.

GARY PADBERG gained a stroke on his handicap and is now in a three-way tie for the Sandbagger Award at -3 with BOB GARDINER & TIM JOST.  RUSS KLEVORN got his 9th win of the season to improve his Best Record Award-leading record to 9-2-0 (.818).

Oh yea…NORM is still leading the way to the “Sey Tuff Guy” Award

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”100%”]THE GOOD – Weekend at the Lake!
THE BAD – “Boys” Bad Boys”
THE UGLY – “BAD Boys” “BAD Boys”[/pullquote]

[important]COOT SAYS: “The rain out night is on for August 21st!  Golfers: 1-2-3-4; Teams: 1-11, 2-12, 3-8, 4-7, 5-9, 6-10.”[/important]


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