Apr 17 2015

Better Late Than Never – Week 1 Recap

2015-week-01-05Well, after the originally-scheduled Week 1 was rained out, Coot’s guys finally got to hit the links on the new season! And it was well worth the wait as the weather was near-perfect for the new opening night: 75-degrees & mostly clear skies.

It was only the first night of the new season, but you could have easily mistaken it as the 10th week with all the same old hacking & story-telling on the night – almost like Coot’s guys never had the winter off!

A couple of teams came roaring out of the gates and swept all 10 points on the night: C.E.S. (Team 2) & JOEY B’S (Team 11).

On the individual side of things, there were several things to note on the first night:

  • Milestone Victories: CHRIS TOCKSTEIN (#146) & MATT GAGNEPAIN (#146).

It’s time for the return of “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”…

  • THE GOOD: No rain in sight!
  • THE BAD: Blues…Game 1…Ugh.
  • THE UGLY: Catchin’ up with the stories from the winter…

It’s been a long winter…don’t forget that you can check a few things each week:

Additionally, every five weeks, the following will be updated:

Thanks to the guys who sent in pictures from the opening week.  Please remember to send pictures you take to webmaster@cootbrowngolf.net or 314.583.3665. All pictures will be posted on the Coot Facebook page…have you liked it yet?

COOT SAYS: “We’re have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”

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