May 31 2016

What a Night for Scoring! – Week 6 Recap

2016-week-6Apparently Coot’s guys like sunny, 75-degree, humid conditions because it was quite the night for scoring on Week 6 of the 30th season!

Four different guys carded an even-par-36 on the night: NICK KAUSCH (W), JIM ROESCH (W), BRUCE THOMAS (L) & JOE SONDERMAN (L).

There were a few guys with low-net-scores on the night too: JIM PLEIMANN (27/46), MARK BALVEN (28/40) & ROLAND LAURY (29/41).

Don’t sleep on DENNIS BOWERS & RUSS KLEVORN, either…they each carded a 39 on the night!

The nice scoring led to a little action on the Milestone Watch.  JEFF POHRER got #249 and is just 1 victory away from being the first Cooter with 250 career wins!  Meanwhile, JIM PLEIMANN (#97) & JOHN GREFFET (#146) each got a win closer to joining their respective milestone clubs.

On the other hand, HERB GOLTERMAN got his 100th career loss to join that less-illustrious crew.  JOE SONDERMAN & LARRY BUMBICKA each got closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

But…that was the front side…get ready next week for the back!

In the standings, K.G. ELECTRIC, INC. extended their hold on the top spot to 3.5 over THE TUREK BROTHERS as the top 3 spots remained the same.  The biggest move on the night was JOEY B’S moving from sixth to fourth place after getting 7.5 points on the night. They are now just 5.5 out of the top spot.

Overall, the race got tighter with just 4 weeks remaining in the first half, despite that 7 of the league’s 12 teams remained in the same place from Week 5 to Week 6.

Random News & Notes:


“We’re headin’ into the DOG DAYS!”




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